About Flagship

Big picture clarity,

small detail focus.

Flagship delivers the accounting resources and assurance of a large firm, with the tailored expertise and dedication of a boutique. We offer versatility and freedom through customised, scalable services – optimising value in financial functions, without compromising quality.

Our team supports growth-oriented investment structures globally, including Asia, Britain, Europe and the Americas. Flagship’s international network ensures that our capabilities can expand wherever and however our clients might venture.

Our Approach

Our core philosophy of pioneering performance impacts every aspect of our service deliverables, from our financial reporting technology to staffing. We cultivate agile responsiveness, driven by our goal to provide knowledgeable, accurate answers and solutions in just one click or phone call.


Flagship deploys tailored technologies which enable management teams to focus on the big picture, without losing sight of the critical details. Our integrated cloud-based platform gives clients clear and accurate real-time access to their financial information in one place. Flagship also offers data transformation and visualisation, investment-specific analytics and process automation, giving clients the edge in efficiency and swift decision-making.

Flagship understands our clients’ challenges and delivers a powerful back-office financial and accounting resource to support alternative investment vehicles at every stage of growth.

A team of experts

delivering results

Flagship is the definitive alternative investments finance solution, maximising value through fractional financial management expertise and impactful back-office support

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