Account for opportunity.

Flagship is the definitive alternative investments finance solution, maximising value through fractional financial management expertise and impactful back-office support.

Big picture clarity,

small detail focus.

Our scalable financial and accounting services are backed by leading technologies to enhance data insights, accuracy and efficiency.

Flagship provides the foundation for investment managers and family offices to venture boldly, from initial strategies through to launch, expansion and realisation.

The finance function,


Flagship is dedicated to eliminating friction in the delivery of financial services, through innovation and excellence. We leverage our strategic international relationships, deep experience across alternative investments and accurate, real-time data to provide a single entry-point for knowledgeable, responsive service – empowering our clients to pursue opportunities with unparalleled ease and confidence.



Flagship’s curated technology offering is a key differentiator and a central pillar of our commitment to market-leading service. In addition to seamless data integration, Flagship delivers thoughtful financial data management strategies that enable clients to control, analyse and visualise their data, for optimal investment performance at every stage.

At Flagship, we assist investment managers and family offices who manage over $500 million of capital.

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